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  • Pre-wiring

    Are you building a new home? Save time and money and get exactly what you want, how you want, by having all the cables run for your television, phone, computer networking and home theatre systems, BEFORE your building is finished. This could save you hundreds of dollars on your installation compared with if you were to have all this done once the building is finished.

  • Digital and Analogue Antennas

    Contrary to the misnomer that you just need a digital television to get all the digital channels, you actually need a good digital antenna signal to service your new television. We use the latest digital test equipment to find the best location to mount your new antenna to provide you with the best digital signal strength to service your HD television viewing.

  • Satellite Television

    Did you know that there are hundreds of FREE television stations available for your viewing pleasure; all you need is a Free-To-Air Satellite dish installation and you can watch television from America, China, Taiwan, Holland, the Middle East etcetera.

  • Phone Systems

    Do you have problems with your telephone lines? Are they crackling with interference or causing your internet to drop out? We can help with replacing your old or bad wiring with new Austel compliant lines, and A.D.S.L. central filter systems.

  • Computer Networks

    Do you find that your wireless network is just not fast enough? Not secure enough? Or does not cover your whole house? Then, hard-wiring a computer network sounds like the solution for you. We only use CAT6 cable capable of Gigabit speeds and Austel licenced installers to give you the best home or office networking available.

  • Television Installation

    Have you bought a new television, Projector or Blu-Ray player and are not sure how to install it? Our technicians have years of experience in setting up all manner of Audio and Video equipment.

  • Home Theatre Installation

    Are you longing for the big cinema experience at home? How about saving money by staying at home and watching movies with your own home-made pop-corn? Call us to install your new home theatre system with your wide-screen TV mounted on the living-room wall and all of the surround sound speakers mounted discretely around the room with the cables hidden in your wall cavities.

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